Vorka's Biblos Skotados

This is the ritual book of Vorka Stark, a magically amalgamated tome, the combined works of his mother, a heathen witch, and his father, a holy priest. Within its ancient pages lie spell after spell, of varying power and effect, anything from raising the dead, to shaking the sky and sea, to fixing household objects. Recipes and instructions for producing potions, poultices, and magic items are also listed, carefully, in gothic text, within.
The book is semi-sentient. It is aware of its surroundings, and how it is being used, capable of opening itself to the correct pages, and, if used by the wrong person, will twist their spells so that the effect produce is bent out of shape and intent. It is evil, but protected by a shroud of power, that means it cannot by registered by any kind of alignment-detector, and is also very, very hard to see when scried for or viewed with technological equipment. It is also highly resistant to magic, and cannot be ripped, or destroyed via fire or water.

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