Turtle Soup

Turtle was kidnapped by Magtok on War Island. This lead to Turtle being locked up in the AMEN dungeons. When the rest of GLoG found out Annalee tried to hide it from Fanboy because she knew that he would go overboard. After making up some outrages lies, she, Nora, Tessa, and Khiansa Bladesong went to Annalee's house to try and formulate a plan. But Fanboy discovered Turtle's disappearance through the War Island security tapes. He then proceeded to try and go to AMEN and crush Magtok. Around this time Lex began searching for Turtle on War Island. The 4 GLoGers at Annalee's House decided they needed to act. Annalee, Tessa, and Khiansa Bladesong proceeded through the portal, while Nora remained at Annalee's house. After an conversation with Haruki-kun Nora went through the portal too. The group spotted Fanboy, and after Annalee telling Fanboy it was a trap, and Fanboy saying he could handle it about 10 times, Fanboy left and the 4 became invisible and hid in the cell room using the spell Mage's Private Sanctum. Shas'aia Torria and Magtok were there. Fanboy revealed himself and everything was chaos from there. Pri, fearing that he would be killed if he went himself, sent a robot version of himself and Virka through a portal. Robot virka was quickly destroyed by Shas'aia Torria while robot pri's face was melted by one of her spells. Logalmier appeared and requested that Magtok give him Turtle's Arkencabbage. He tried to stab Magtok, and then everyone began fighting. The room began to fill with holy water, proving that it was in fact, a trap. Everyone had cast water breathing, but Shas cast Antimagic field. Everyone was trapped! Turtle told Logalmier that if he protected Fanboy she would give him the Arkencabbage. Logalmier began protecting Fanboy and soon Turtle got out of her cell. Everyone was trying frantically to get out. Robot Pri attached himself to the door and began a countdown. When he reached 0 he exploded, trying to blast down the door. Annalee summoned an octopus to try pulling away the rubble, and Logalmier slashed it too. Finally the door broke and they all escaped, but they lost Nil's Holy Staff to Magtok. When they all returned to the GLoG base Turtle gave Logalmier the Arkencabbage, and that was the last time she'd ever see it.

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