Turtle's Clan

Turtle's barbarian clan was really closer to a street gang in culture and attitude. They were (and presumably still are) led by her Uncle Raven, a full blooded shapeshifter. Raven's sister, Chelonie, was Turtle's mother. She died in a turf war when Turtle was very young. Turtle (whose real name is also 'Chelonie') barely remembers her. She was raised mostly by her Uncle Raven, though her father was always a presence in her life.

Turtle's father later had another daughter, Rabbit, who came to live in the clan after Rabbit's mother died. Turtle and Rabbit had nothing in common, but they became close friends regardless. Raven gave up very soon into making her a 'proper' member of the clan, but insisted that she attend regular combat lessons. Turtle, who was just learning to use her shapeshifting abilities, often attended these in Rabbit's place, without her Uncle's knowledge.

For his part, Raven thought very highly of Turtle and had nothing but contempt for her half-sister, who was no blood relation of his. Rabbit left the clan as soon as she could.

The clan formed a loose alliance with the ELoE, which led to Turtle's involvement there and relationship with Dr Horrible. Some time thereafter, she turned to good. Though she wrote her uncle a letter at the time of her redemption, he did not answer it, and she has not seen him since then.

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