Turtle Amakirr

Former evildoer Happyturtle was recently converted to Chaotic Good, upon which time she left the Evil League of Evil and helped found the Good League of Good and now serves as Vice President.

Turtle's clan

She's a Barbarian 7/Sorcerer 6/Rainbow Servant 4, with uncontrolled shapeshifting powers. She also has Greater Spork Attunement as a feat. Creation Sporks are powered by redemption.

After a brief episode of being converted into a Cyborg by Magtok, Turtle forgave him, which pushed her alignment into Neutral Good. She has now taken a level as a Rainbow Servant of Neirain, the butterfly goddess of Life and Death. She has an Aura of Good, can Detect Evil at will, and has access to spells from the Life domain and the Blossom Domain.

  • First prisoner taken on War Island
  • Girlfriend to Good aligned vampire Fanboy
  • Mistress to Henchpixie Lex-kat
  • Turtle fweend to Kaela, who likes to sleep in her soul
  • Second prisoner taken on War Island
  • Converted to a Cyborg by Magtok
  • Returned to human form by Kaela, on Magtok's orders
  • Likely candidate to be GLoG's designated victim
  • Married to Fanboy Amakirr in a disastrous wedding ceremony that resulted in the groom's abduction and the bride coming under the evil influence of Draken. Soon after Fan's rescue, she went nuts, went to war with HALO, killed her husband, and tortured Magtok. She was killed by Draken, but Fan, who had been resurrected by Nil, brought her back to life.

Spell list:

0 - Prestidigitation
Read Magic
Dancing Lights
Ghost Sound
Mage Hand

1 - Faith Healing
Dispell Trousers
Shocking Grasp
Greater Mage Hand
Familiar Pocket

2 - Shield Other
Rainbow Beam 1d12/3 levels of random type

3 - Remove Disease
Rainbow blast (beam of 1d6 damage of each energy type)
False Gravity
Protection from Energy

4 - Reincarnate
Fire Shield
Greater Invisibility
Rainbow Pattern

5 - Raise Dead

6 - Visage of the Deity except losing Smite Evil 1/day and gaining healing touch

7 - Resurrection

8 - Soul Guardian guards a soul from being soul-jarred, entrapped, turned undead, or corrupted in any other way

9 - True Resurrection

Life Domain power: Lay on Hands as a paladin

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