The Multiverse

The Good League of Good exists in the Town Multiverse. The Multiverse is essentially a collection of Universes which all coexist but cannot be reached between eachother by A to B travel nor by planeshifting. Through magic, one can open a portal to get between universes.

GLoG Universe
The universe in which Good League of Good exists.

Town Universe
The Town Universe consists of a multitude of planes. One of these planes is a nexus which draws in many aspects and elements from the other planes, all of which are linked to it. Other universes are not affected by the nexus. The Good League of Good Welcoming Center is also located here, containing a permanent portal inside leading to the Good League of Good Headquarters.

AMEN Universe
Here the Association of the Evil, Malicious, and Nefarious reside. This universe is very chaotic in nature. The AMEN Universe often crosses over with the GLoG Universe as the two factions are enemies.

HALO Universe
Universe of the Heroic Anti-Evil and Lawbreaking Organization. This universe hardly ever crosses over with the others and its inhabitants mainly stick to themselves.

NO Universe
The Neutral Organization's Universe. They claim to be very neutral.

War Island
In this universe, all the above factions battle against eachother.

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