Sporks are magical weapons that the GLoG uses all the time. One of the greatest Spork achievements was the creation of War Island. The greatest Spork of all is the Spork of Power. Annalee's use of the Spork of Power outside of the GLoG base in Turtle Soup caused a massive rift that allowed everyone to visit War Island.

From the Rules of the Spork:

Spork of Power:

* The Spork of Power can only be used by a good aligned person. Otherwise it is a comically large eating utensil.
* The Spork of Power is powerless if taken off the grounds of the GLoG.
* The Spork of Power cannot create living beings.
* The Spork of Power can only be used to create something the wielder can visualize.
* The Spork of Power is subordinate to the Power of Plot and the Rule of Cool.

The Spork of Power has been destroyed.

Mini Sporks:

* Mini sporks look like normal sporks. If you take it with you to KFC, you might get yours mixed up with a mundane spork, so be careful.
* Mini sporks only work in their designated room, and only to create items that make sense in that room's context.
* The mini sporks for the personal quarters only work for the person whose room it is. If two or more members are sharing a room, each resident will have his or her own spork. If they try to use the sporks to do conflicting things, the Power of Plot and Rule of Cool will prevail to make it interesting.
* The Spork of Power can override most mini sporks, but not the personal quarter sporks. Whatever you want to do with your own room is your own business.

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