Servant Drone

The Servant Drone is the typical drone of GLoG, fulfilling such services as serving, opening doors, providing tours, cooking for the culinary impaired, guiding people places, answering the door, answering phones when you're 'not at home' and other typical boring stuff that no one else wants to do. It appears as a floating metal ball, roughly the size of one's head, with a glowing red cycloptic eye set into the center. It also has two arms, ending in simple three-fingered hands, with which it uses to do… stuff. The cycloptic eye also doubles as a low-powered laser, which can be used to stun or scorch attackers in a security role, be used as a laser pointer, or do other things you might need a laser for. This drone is probably one of the less efficient of drones, being prone to malfunction and insanity, and having an unhealthy obsession with cake.



A small floating orb, around the size of a man's head, with two arms set slightly below the equator and a Cycloptic eye in the middle. The hands have 6 thin fingers set in a circle, allowing it to handle delicate objects with inhuman dexterity. Drones typically have their job written in large friendly letters on the front, under the central eye.


C1s have limited programming, allowing the to perform specific jobs, but not much else. Examples of jobs can include cooking, house cleaning and wiring. They are armed with a weak Drone Laser. They do not have a full vocabulator, responding to orders from a set of pre-programmed sentences, except in certain exceptions.


It is unlikely a C1 will be encountered outside GLoG headquarters or the Visitors Center, and will only respond if you attack it, a nearby drone or a GLoG member, at which point they will remotely sound the alarm and attempt to subdue you with their weak Lasers.

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