And as the world ended, and as the Gods wept, the soul of the Angel Incarnate was ripped from the divine material, and the flesh fell, forsaken to wander the Hells. Thus was born Semiazas, Lord of the Erinyes. Thus was born Semiazas, Ninth and Last of the Pit Lords of Baator. - 11:38, Book of Hellfire.


Once the Highest of the Angels, Semiazas was corrupted by the Lord Devil. Rising up against heaven, many Angels were captured and tortured, becoming the twisted soldiers of his armies, later to be known as the Erinyes. In a last ditch assault, the Gods managed to capture Semiazas, and stripped him of his soul, banishing him and his followers to Hell.


Semiazas was a incredibly tall Angel of unnatural beauty, twice as tall as most Angels, and many times more lovely. However, after the loss of his soul and his subsequent fall to Hell, Semiazas has steadily lost his beauty, becoming more and more twisted and like the Baatezu he rules over. His current form is 20 feet tall (roughly 6 meters for the cool people who use Metric), and while still looking unquestionably like his Erinyes, is much more devilish, thanks to the loss of his soul. His eyes are solid black pits, and a wreath of hellfire cloaks him constantly. His face is twisted, and curved horns erupt from his forehead. Bony spines protrude from his muscular frame, and his feathered wings are bedraggled and constantly soaked in blood.

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