Security I Drone

Round and floating, Sec-I drones are not dissimilar to their Servant Drone brethren, albeit more heavily armored. Among their armaments are a simple blaster cannon in the spot where a Servant Drone's laser would usually be, and a simple Warspork. The blaster cannon can be set to stun, burn or slice, and the Warspork is… sharp. Very sharp. These drones are the most prevalent drones, and can often be seen patrolling the base in completely pre-set non-random patterns not designed to let sneaky badguys sneak through in their sneaky sneaking of sneakiness, or hovering around the Detention Blocks. In combat their main battle tactics consist of Swarming, Advance Swarming, Master Swarming and Grandmaster Swarming, and they will (you guessed it) swarm the enemy, some hanging back to use blasters, some closing in to make use of their Warsporks. They can, however, be ordered about and generally micromanaged by members for specific tasks.
Sec-I drones are stubborn, trigger-happy, and generally believe any problem can be solved by throwing someone into a Detention Cell.

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