Standing five feet tall, these scorpion-like, biomechanical robots act as a special unit for GLoG defense. They are silent, black, and deadly. If you're seen as a large threat, these creatures will teleport into the scene. They come in groups of three, and are at a power level of 5 each. Treat them more like PC's than NPC's, please. They are quite strong and very agile, so killing them will NOT be as easy as "Bang bang! You're dead!"

Their arsenal consists of serrated pincers, which can shapeshift into either silent laser canons*, or very sharp claws (to grab you without cutting you in two, darling!). Their tail acts as a fifth laser, but it is much more powerful than the arms combined, and is somewhat loud when fired. It also acts as a bayonet-type weapon. In addition to these weapons, the security scorpions can camouflage themselves similar to turning invisible, and have the ability to crawl along the walls without scratching the paint. That's the most important part: Not scratching the paint. And finally, they have the basic powers of the servant drones, in that they can scan peoples alignments, see infrared, etc.


  • Only non-evil GLoG members can command them. That's current alignment, not what alignment you were when you signed up.
  • They don't speak. Ever.
  • They use the tri-force strategy (attack together, not separately)
  • If all three die, three more will come into the picture several posts later so the person either has time to gloat, or (in my opinion: the smarter choice) escape.
  • They are not built by the Drone Factory, and their technology cannot be replicated.

*Silent laser canons, in case you're confused by the name, are actually silent. Not a sound; not even when fired.

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