Randy is a slight nutcase that hails from the land of ice and snow, with the midnight sun where the hot spr- Err, he's German. He served in the Luftwaffe for six years, and then the Bundespolizei for 11. On his twisted version of Earth, that's when the world government (dystopia) took power, and he left to go join the rebellion against it.
That was when he started reading and taking a philosophical and intellectual interest in the world around him. Seeing at how much society arbitrarily governed who he was, he decided to metaphorically give society the finger. Now, others call him immature, and he just sees a lot of what constitutes maturity as another spoke in the social flywheel.

Besides, this so-called immaturity is fun. And he's got the brains of a so-called mature person.

After appearing in HALO as his revolution was collapsing upon itself, he decided to stay there and fight evil directly for a while. After finding that that didn't happen so often, and that when it did, little was accomplished, he left for his home world, to start a new kind of revolution, that had its roots in the minds of people, rather than the guns which those people were holding. This has made his revolution far more successful, but after getting stranded in GLoG's world (which, admittedly, is a pretty nice place), he has his doubts as to how it'll hold out until he finds a way back.

From his time in the Luftwaffe and the Bundespolizei, Randy is proficient with some small arms, but first and foremost, with fighter jets. He's also a competent martial artist. German jiujutsu and ninjutsu are what he's practised most.

He's got -currently- grey and black hair, with some stubble, and stands at 6' 6". He's nordic looking, with blue eyes, but after his years (48 of them, to be precise), he's got a good few lines in his face. But his age doesn't mean he's not fit…

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