Ralthos Adosin

Name: Ralthos Adosin
Birthplace: The Kingdom of Ladenor, on the planet of I'litar, 1360 Years E.D. (Elit Doeminar= Past the Scattering of the People)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 220 Lbs
Special Abilities: Power over Shadows, Power over Fire. Can turn into a dragon once a day.
Blood Type: A Negative
Species: Dark Fey (was changed from human at age 19)

Description: Ralthos has short brown hair that is very thick, and likes to wave around a bit. He is dressed in a very long dark blue trenchcoat, and has two shortswords hidden beneath it. Ralthos also bears a large silver cross with a glyph of an eye carved into the middle. He also wears glasses, not because he needs to, but people seem to listen to him more when he's wearing them…

Ralthos Adosin has changed alot over the years…

Once he was a boy living with his family, happily learning the art of swordplay from his father. Then D'nabe, the Masked Shadow, came and sliced all that away with his poison lined sword.

Since that day, he has died, his soul was tie to a beautiful maiden, he has had his species change, and has cut down both good and evil, all in the name of his loved one. He has led armies of winged demons on campaigns to destroy the Keepers of the Light, and has cut off the heads of many priests serving Vothsys the Maw.

After finding out the hard way he was more or less doomed to live forever as a demi-god of fire and shadow, Ralthos took the name R'dosin and searched for meaning to life. It was during this time he was aproached by the Watcher of the Twilight himself, Rin.

Rin took R'dosin under his wing, and showed him the threat the armies of the Black Holes posed to the materiel universe. He asked R'dosin to swear under his true name that he would fight this menace, and protect the universe from falling into the hungery jaws of the Undead Stars. Ralthos agreed.

Now he has donned the Midnight Blue of the Twilight Watchers, and travels time, space, and possiblity for ways to halt the oncoming storm that is the Black Holes.

Ralthos joined the Good League of Good shortly after his last girlfriend tried to stab him in the heart with one of his shortswords. Never break-up with a ninja face to face.

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