Pri & Virka
Priv22.png Virka.png Pri is a druid of the circle of the moon and one of the earliest non-founding members of the Good League of Good. He is usually accompanied by his pet wolf Virka who he befriended long before joining the league.


Pri doesn't carry much with him being his only weapon a longbow and some pixie-made magical arrows and his only protection a magical set of padded armor.


Being one of the weakest members of the league, Pri isn't very useful in a fight, so he tries to make up for it by being as helpful as possible outside of battle. He isn't completely helpless though. If he can't avoid a fight he relies on invisibility, augmented summoned creatures, and various spell-like abilities.

Some Background

Pri was born in a village of pixies that exists within the forest near GLoG base. The exact location and how to get there is a secret only known by the pixies, and any stranger who gets near will find himself lost in the forest with all his memories gone.
Pri received training as a druid from the druids of the circle of the moon. The circle of the moon is a sacred clearing in the forest where the moon always shines. The druids protect this place and the pack of wolves that reside there. It is a part of the rite of passage for the druids of the circle to live with and protect a litter of wolves until one of the wolves chooses the druid-to-be as his master. Virka is a special case because she chose Pri when she was just a cub.

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