Nora is a scaly lizard-like woman from a distant chain of islands.

Appearance and Physical Description

Nora is five feet and a fraction of an inch tall. Weight unknown. Behind her she has a tail which is several feet long. Her hands are like claws and her face is slightly elongated. Her skin is greyish-brown and covered in brownish scales. Her eyes are a hazel color and her hair is a murky brown. In the right environment, she can easily camouflage.

She wears a red-lined black cloak around herself along with clothes fitting of someone trekking through caves or forests. At her left side a shortsowrd and a dirk are visible. At her right side a crossbow can be spotted.


Nora usually keeps to herself except when matters of importance come up. She is very friendly to the other GLoG members and other people in general. Nora has some deep philosophical views concerning the gods and morality; believing the gods do not exists but we must do what is right nonetheless.


Nora comes from the Arid Isles and says she is a Gormodakmodon. Not much else is known about her past.

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