Francis Quinne/Mr. Topsy

Francis was a former monk several hundred years ago. During his time in the countryside, he was forced into a pitch dark cave by a rainstorm. That's when his body met an unfortunate end by the teeth and stomach of a Grue. Yes, a Grue. Although his body was gone, his soul was very much alive. It was placed inside the Grue, where it joined the countless number of others.

several hundred years later, Francis awoke in an old forest. His body was no longer human, but instead a medium sized marionette. He joined GLoG after being rescued by Vespe and Tessa from a crazy, half naked, old man that Francis called Willy. After joining, his body was upgraded to finely detailed mithral.

Shortly after joining, however, he changed… Mr. Topsy occasionally takes over his body. When that happens, he wears a long tailed black suit, a pair of white gloves, and a crooked tophat. As well, black fog covers his entire body. Where his face should be, there's a jesters mask. Let's just say you won't like him.

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