Lindsay's Journal

October 3rd

GLoG is amazing. Or amazing might not be the right word. Insane might describe it better. Yesterday, (my first day at GLoG,) was pretty uneventful. Well, at least uneventful compared to today. Yesterday I met a nice girl named Sam, and weird marionette name Mr. Quinne, and a pixie named Rick who has a pit devil inside of him. Also I discovered that people at GLoG like cake waaaay more than the average society. Today was when it really got interesting. Before I continue with what happened today I've got to introduce some more GLoGers who were important to today's events: Randy, a man who seems normal enough (or at least normal compared to some of the wackos around here), Czernov and George, two men who are dating, a kobold name Kobold (he wasn't really relevant to today's events, other than he made a humongous mess), Susan, a woman who seems nice enough, but treats me like a baby, Pri, a pixie and Rick's brother, and Magtok, a cyborg from another organization called AMEN. Today started normal enough… we ate breakfast and talked and stuff, but then Magtok arrived. He told us that some girl named Turtle was dead. The others seemed shocked, but I'm not sure who she is, so I couldn't understand much. Then Magtok showed us two arms, which apparently belonged to the aforementioned Turtle. He said she lost them at some place called Magtok-Land. He said he'd raise her from the dead if GLoG gave him a cloning lab and a bag of Cheez-its (?). GLoG declined, because they said George, or a fellow named Nil, could raise her from the dead on their own. Magtok then told us that if we didn't accept he'd clone her at AMEN, and we didn't want that. But we declined and he returned to AMEN. I was listening to this from another room, because Susan made me leave, because Sam was shooting at Magtok and Susan was worried I'd get hurt. As I said, she treats me like a baby. Anyway, I don't think this is over yet. Magtok doesn't seem like someone who'd give up easily, so I'm worried about what scheme he'll try next. But I'm also excited, because none of these amazingly cool (and insane) things would have happened to me if I stayed at home.

~~Lindsay Everett

P.S. Remember how I said that the people here are obsessed with cake? They also have an odd love for sporks…

October 5th

I'm not sure if yesterday was more or less chaotic then my first two. Everything started normal, like it always does. Then this man came to GLoG, who then was turned into a girl. He claimed his name was "Vespe", and after being asked a few questions, they determined he was. I had no clue who Vespe was, but George told me he used to be a member of GLoG… but he left after trying to murder one of our members! It's crazy! They were sitting there chatting with a MURDERER! Around then Jenny, a woman from HALO arrived, looking for her daughter. Melody, a smurf, asked her to take her with her because she thought everything around GLoG was insane. They invited me to come with them for a tour, and I accepted. Turns out HALO is almost as insane as GLoG. In no more then five minutes after I arrived a cat-boy stole my earrings! Weird. I'm at HALO as I write this, but I'll probably return back to GLoG soon. What? I like the craziness!

~~Lindsay Everett

October 8th

Not much has happened around here lately. The only thing I can think of is that I met a creature today… I believe its name was Kaela. It was in the form of a pink rabbit, and it talked like a toddler. Then got all mad, cried perfume, then left. Now that I right this down, I think I am going insane. Hopeful something more interesting will happen that I can write about next time.

~~Lindsay Everett

++October 21st

Haleyintraining has left us at the forum. I will miss her dearly. I wish her a safe journey. But, in truth, I want her to come back. She was a dear friend. Even if she didn't realize it. :(

~~Lex-kat's Player

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