Libra Davies
With corpse-grey skin, golden-blonde hair, and brassy yellow eyes that glow in the dark, Libra is quite nonstandard. She wears jeans, sneakers, and a blue summer top; she has a tattoo of a blue rose on her shoulder.
She is slim and rather pretty, despite the undeadness.

Yes, she is undead. A Regenerator, to be specific.
Regenerators maintain the integrity of their flesh and organs by occasional consumption of food; to regenerate destroyed tissue, they require food (and the energy metabolized from it) as well. They can also reattach pieces that are removed.

She wears a silver locket. This locket is a Harker Equalizer, which negates such effects as "undead, thus cannot enter holy places". She can still be Turned, though.

She was once a suburb girl living an average life… until a fatal instance of electrocution stopped her heart. Then she was a suburb girl dying an average death.
Then came the New Necros.
Of all the dead people to pick to test their new ritual of undead-creation on, the New Necromancers picked Libra—-who proved to be bright, cheery, and unable to be weighed down even by her lack of a pulse.
Libra is a friendly, gentle girl; however, she can get a bit nervous at times.

She is learning to be a sorceress.

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