Level-2 Security Drone


L2SDs are 6 foot tall, roughly humanoid drones. They have large armor plated chests with Security security written on them.
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They can fire higher powered versions of the L1SD Blaster Cannons from the second set of arms. The primary sets of arms have RFSCs mounted on them, allowing them to sporkify and disembowel enemies within seconds. Their state of the art suspension and gyroscopes make them hard to tip over, and they can travel over any terrain and can even roll along vertical walls while still remaining upright and firing. Their tactics programming is far more complex than L1SDs and can perform a variety of tactics and perform more complex security duties. However, they have no voice recognition, and tasks can only be set via a panel at the back.


Drones like these guard major entrances to the base and guard certain doors in GLoG HQ. (The portal from the town, the portal from War Island, the portal from Visitor’s Center and the doors to the cell blocks, grounds and to the other floors. Also, during an alarm, doors will open up in the walls and spawn a few of these.

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