Level-1 Security Drone


Same as the Class 1 servant drone, but with sturdier arms with 2 fingered pincer hands, and SECURITY written both above and below the eye.


L1SDs are upgraded C1s with armor plating and sturdier arms. The Laser has been replaced with a low powered Blaster. They have basic combat programming and voice recognition, and communicate through pre programmed sentences. They can be set to guard, escort, patrol and search and destroy. They also carry Warsporks for close combat.


L1SDs usually patrol in pairs around the GLoG bases, and also guard prisons and stuff. If there is an alarm, panels will open in the roof, sending swarms of these drones to attack. L1SDs will typically surround their opponents, and fire their Blasters until nothing is left but smoke. If forced to engage in close combat, they will attempt to disembowel their enemy with their warsporks.

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