Killer Robot-15



Previously GLoG Public Relations Drone Unit 1, KR-15 led a simple robotic life, talking to people at the visitor's center, serving cake, and scanning potential members for alignment. One day however, that all changed. Darkcomet, a member of AMEN, fancied a servant drone of his own and kidnapped PR1. At an undisclosed location, he reprogrammed PR1 and fitted numerous weapon systems into him, as well as giving him a cool paint job. Programmed with the new (evil) identity of Killer Robot-15, KR-15 was taken to AMEN headquarters. However, as is common for evil robots, KR-15 quickly became sentient, and took on the mannerisms of HK-47, his new role model and making himself a body. As of recent times, he has branched out, and now has other goals than just random slaughter (though he still has fun with that) and works as a mercenary for the ACRONYM ORGANIZATIONS, helping out in times of need, as long as there is killing involved. Recently, he defeated Fanboy in one on one combat at the Ultimate Showdown Arena. He currently is on a mission to kill the holder of the Sapphire Slayer, which has currently evolved into an all out vendetta against Nomlas, leading to the formation of Katarn Hypernautics and Security Corporations as a proxy for the creation and deployment of new weapons and attack drones.

Equipment and Capabilities.

KR-15's head is still able to float of its own accord, and often he will detach from his body, impersonating a normal GLoG drone. Aside from his normal body, he has several other bodies, typically built for combat.
KR-15, as a battle droid, is equipped with many weapons, external or concealed. His current equipment list is:

External Weapons.

  • Automatic Heavy Blaster Rifle
  • Heavy Blaster Pistol
  • Short Sword
  • Collapsible Rocket Launcher
  • Plasma Mortar
  • Beam Sniper

Internal Weapons (head)

  • Multiple Mini Blaster Emplacements
  • Swarm Micro Missile Launchers
  • Eye Laser
  • Hologram Generator

Internal Weapons (chassis)

  • Arm Mounted Blaster Cannons
  • Arm Mounted Rockets
  • Jump Pack
  • Stealth Generator
  • Grenade Stores
  • Chest Based Missile Rack
  • Chest Based Heavy Blaster Quadcannons


  • Default (human shape)
  • Fast Scouting Weapons Platform (wheeled)
  • Mecha (Japanese)
  • Battlemech (Battletech)
  • Armored Core (Armored Core)
  • Quadrupedal Walker (Star Wars)
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