Khiansa Bladesong


A Cleric of Tyche from a dimension which just so happens to be the Heart of the Multiverse, Khiansa is one of GLoG's first members, and has almost become a permanent fixture of the base, often seen in the library or the music room. He took part in the attempted rescue of Happy Turtle from Magtok's Octopus Garden, and was responsible for getting most of them out alive. However, separation from his home plane has effectively cut himself off from his Goddess, and, while unnoticeable at first, it became readily apparent that he was not drawing power directly from his Goddess, but a reserve of divine energy that he had been deluding himself had come fresh from his Goddess as a result of his morning prayers. This reservoir of energy was depleted during the course of the Octopus Garden plot, causing a complete loss of all of his powers, driving him to near insanity. As of late, he has managed to restore the connection somewhat, allowing him to power his minor abilities, but he still seeks a way to restore him to his true potential.

Equipment and Capabilities.

A perfect fusion of Cleric and Bard, Khiansa cast touch spells with but the sound of his voice, extending his range and area of effect greatly. Before the loss of his powers, Khiansa was gifted with divine luck, and moved without care on the battlefield, trusting his Goddess to make the field clear of obstacles. However, his most powerful pre-fall ability, was his spear. Made from the horn of an ancient unicorn that Khiansa had helped in it's last moments, the spear is gifted with powerful enchantments and great luck magics, able to travel straight when thrown and always returning to the caster's hand.

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