Happyturtle Fanboy Romance

Turtle and Fanboy have a long backstory which will eventually be posted here. They started dating shorting after they turned good, and they are currently on a time looped trip to modern Earth together.


Fanboy sighed. It was not easy resisting the temptations of good. he had been tempted with love, soul saving, and incredibly crazy threats. Right now he was feeling rather conflicted about his evil alignment, and didn't really feel it was him, he really needed some support right now, someone who was as evil as he was, yet who had suffered the same temptations he had. Then it struck him he knew a guy in the EloE, someguy named Dr.Horrible, and he had recently went into a threapy of sorts to get his "evil" back in groove. So he went to the EloE head quaters, but rather than Bad horse, or dr.horrible he instead found a secreatry bot, that told him that they were currently fighting captian hammer, and his gang of "heroes", and were currently busy, but there was another member who could help him in this matter, a newbie, named Happyturtle.


Turtle was indeed at headquarters, instead of on the mission. She and Dr Horrible had had another fight. She'd wanted to go along, he'd said the mission required more subtlety than a barbarian was capable of… the usual fight. She was busy rehearsing all the insults she hadn't been witty enough to come up with at the time, when the vampire walked in. And not just a normal vampire, but an elven vampire. There was something compelling about him, and she found she couldn't take her eyes off of him.

"Welcome to the Evil League of Evil. Do you have business with Bad Horse?"

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