From our FAQ:


1. What's the point? Isn't there already a good aligned organization? Why didn't you just join HALO?

OOC, we have nothing against HALO. (IC may be a different story.) However, we wanted an organization that only allows good-aligned members and focuses on the redemption of evildoers. If the real world can have multiple organizations for the purpose of doing good, we don't see why the forum can't hold more than one as well.

2. No seriously. Aren't you just a HALO clone?

Not intentionally. We have our own purpose and our own mission, which overlaps somewhat with HALO's, but is not identical.

3. Why don't you let anyone post in the main thread without PMing first?

OOC answer: Honestly, we tried it, and it was too chaotic to read.
IC answer: You don't let strangers wander into your house at all hours, do you? We just want to know who is in our house.

4. Still, it seems awfully rude. You've offended a lot of people.

We're sorry. We didn't mean to.

5. What's the point of the visitor's centre?

We still want to play nicely with others! So we set up the visitor's centre thread to provide an IC access port.

6. Are you part of the Town? Or are you in an extra dimension?

We didn't really know at first, but when AMEN contacted us, it seemed clear that we inhabited some sort of reality with AMEN and HALO. Which means we aren't Town. I think. (Really, we're making this up as we go along!)

7. Will you be interacting with the other groups?

Yes, but we haven't worked out the mechanics yet. We're officially at war with AMEN, but we don't want random fighting going on in our headquarters. So we might be setting up a war thread or a plot thread or something, but we don't know yet.

As far as HALO goes, we have no formal ties with them, though there is some membership overlap, and we're currently in discussions. IC, some of us have formed a negative opinion of HALO. It doesn't mean we have a problem with you OOC. (Honestly, Turtle isn't the brightest crayon in the box, and she's very defensive about being a former evildoer.)

8. GLoG is a pretty silly name, isn't it?

Yes. Yes it is. One of our founding members used to belong to the Evil League of Evil (If you haven't heard of it, google 'Dr Horrible'), so when she turned good, it seemed reasonable to form the Good League of Good.

9. What's this obsession with cake?

It all starts Here.

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