Falling Feathers

Characters (in order of appearance)

  • Kris
  • Erinyes General
  • Ryu
  • Semiazas, Lord of the Erinyes and Ninth Pit Lord of Baator.
  • Happy Turtle
  • Fanboy
  • Tempest (of HALO)
  • Masato (of HALO)


Kris undertakes a mission given to him by the clerics of Strongbow to investigate the theft of a red orb, possibly stolen by Rebel Sympathizers. (Ha! Evil Rebels, didn't see that coming did you!) Investigating a known rebel base in some conveniently nearby catacombs, Kris came across several Rebel Cultists, performing a ritual on the Orb with an Erinyes. Kris stole the orb, but was hit by a spell as he attempted to teleport away, accidentally teleporting into the GLoG grounds, and bringing the Erinyes with him. After a quick skirmish involving Kris, Ryu, the Eyrines, and two summoned bearded devils, the Erinyes managed to subdue Ryu and steal the Orb from Kris, using it to summon her master, Semiazas.
Awakened by the alarms blaring through the base, Happy and Fanboy quickly arrived at the scene, and began to help Kris battle the Pit Lord and his demonic armies. Puzzlingly, Fanboy's signature Soulcutter attack had no effect, but in the end, Happy managed to stab the Pit Lord through the throat with here Holy Warspork, damaging it enough for it to retreat. In the end, Kris joined GLoG, and life went on, with nothing to show but a ruined Rose Garden, and the mysterious red Orb.

Having worked together before, Kris has gone to HALO, seeking Tempest's help in identifying the orb. Through research, Masato was able to identify it as nothing other than the soulstone of Semiazas. Efforts to destroy it have proved futile. After an attempt at destroying it, the orb shifted into a dagger and stabbed Kris. Three things became readily apparent.

  1. The soul was conscious of it's surroundings
  2. The soul could shapeshift
  3. The soul could be destroyed by an alternating current of positive and negative energy

Enlisting Rick's help, they were able to formulate a plan to destroy the soul. However, sensing the danger, the soul narrowly escaped into the stormy demi-plane of Mount Infernus…

Main Plot

In progress!


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