Dr LaRoth With Halo

A beautiful woman, with long dark hair, and striking features came to HALO, looking for Inigo, torturing those who got in her way. She could disguise herself with an illusiom creating device, and had a variety of nasty drugs. Eventually, finding Inigo, she injected him with evil, and sucked out his good. Shortly afterwards, she repeated this process on Kiba, and continued to wreak small havocs on HALO, while she waited for her next move.

It came when Turtle came to HALO, from GLoG. The impostor took the form of Kaela, and was taken back to GLoG with her. Once there, she stole Turtle's good, and replaced it with evil, and repeated the process of George. However, what with her later identifying Kris as aslayer, she decided that his holiness would be even better for her plans than George's, and tricked George into making Kris evil (which then returned George's holiness). Using the four vials of holiness she acquired, she went to the Temple of the Five Elements, and started a ritual to end the world.

She was stopped by Rick, Randy, Annalee, Inigo, and George.

Side effects of this plot included:
- George going nutso, trying to rape Czernov, etc.
- Kaela eventually being found in a Thorul Ltd. lab.
- Hitomi and Izzy being brought closer together.
- GLoG and HALO coming together.

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