Daisuke Hayashi

Daisuke Hayashi

Gender: Male
Race: Shinigami
Age: 200
Alignment: Lawful Good (but doesn't really like those sort of terms, as in Soul Society, they don't really mean anything)
Class (or approximation): Expert Shinigami
Skills: Master Swordsman (use of Zanpatkou), Expert Hand-to-hand, Expert hohō (mobility, basically involves moving really fast… as in it appears like teleportation and essentially works as such) and also has some skill as Kido (Shinigami equivalent of spellcasting). He also has some non-combat skills.
Power Rating (optional): Depends on the release state of his Zanpaktou.
When sealed: 5
When in shikai: 6
Bankai: 7
Description: As image at top. My avvie is him in shikai. The Zanpaktou's abilities are here.
Backstory: Daisuke joined the Shinigami after an attack on his area of Seretei. He became the captain of the 5th squad after Aizen's betrayal, and is currently on an extended mission to the Real World. He has become a member of both HALO and of GLoG, and feels an obligation to help both.

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