Czernov is a man of mixed Eastern European ancestry, with hooded brown eyes, olive features, and dark, cropped hair. He stands at 6 foot 2 and a half inches.

He was born in Randy's alternate parallel world, as was trained by a variety of secret services, before the world-dominating empire took power, at which point he joined Randy's revolutionary force, and started to fight against the dystopia.

Currently, he lives and works in GLoG, working to build a portal back to his homeplane, after he and Randy were left stranded in GLoG. He maintains a loving relationship with turtle's character George, after Thor meddled with his mind. Till, sadly, the spell was broken, and Czernov was disgusted, both at himself, and at George, who, it was revealed, had been having relations with Alek, an alternate reality's version of Czernov. Sadly, though Czernov tried to move on, he was later killed, by Alek's ressurection into his body. Post-death, he was ressurected, by a crazy witch-hunter guy.

Czer can:
Ride a horse, swim, speak English, Czech, Polish, Russian, German, French, Italian, Swahili, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, and Gaelic, and dance the waltz, tango, and ballet. He's a talented sharpshooter, and inventor.

Czer can't:
Sing, use magic, understand how magic works, get the hang of English contractions, talk/work with children.

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