Cleaner Drone

Looking somewhat like a shinier version of Wall-E, they basically have the same job, albeit involving blood, gore and body parts, rather than garbage. Not that you can usually tell the difference. Cleaner Drones have a central tank within themselves to store… whatever it is they need to store, and a tank on their back to store cleaning solution. They have four arms and a head on a stalk. The head is round, and has the typical cycloptic-eye/laser combo that is common to all Service drones. The four arms are each suited to a particular cleaning related task, which are as follows:

  • A high pressure water jet - to blast blood and gore out of the stone work.
  • A picker - to pick up body bits bigger than a fist.
  • A vacuum - to suck up liquid and smaller body bits.
  • A wiper - to wipe blood and gore off smooth surfaces like windows and tiles.

Charming work, isn't it? As a result, Cleaner Drones have a tendency to be depressed, though this does not affect their work, which is, to describe it in a single word, fast. Combat zones are often cleared up completely of unpleasantness mere minutes after battle.

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