Annalee is a ranger, currently 6th level. She uses a bow, and also uses sporks. She is pretty good with them, but not as good as Turtle. She is one of the five founding members of GLoG, and the secretary.


Charisma: High
Wisdom: High
Intelligence: Moderate-High
Strength: Low
Dexterity: High
Constitution: Low-Moderate

Animal Companion

Her animal companion is Brightfyre, a pseudodragon.

Current Status

Annalee has mysteriously gone missing, and aside from George scrying once, nobody has done anything. Thanks a lot guys! [/sarcasm]

It's not like anyone reads this anyway

Since I really doubt anyone is actually reading this page, I will say a hint. ANNALEE IS NOT DEAD.

=+=+=+ Annalee's player, Haleyintraining, is currently not active on GitP Forums anymore.

I will always miss her. -Lex-kat's Player.

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