Alexander Wright

Alexander Wright is a gunslinger from an alternate future "Cybernetic Earth", who after a couple rounds as a protaganist in his universe, has decdied to leave it an live in an idyllic retirement.
He got really bored really fast. After such, the bright idea dawned on him to sign up for this Good League of Good he had heard of while floating in his multi-and-extra dimensional "protaganist's retreat"
He decided to nip on by and see what everything was about, and entered during what he would call "The Alek Crisis", where he attempted to help by starting to build (and never finishing) psionic "neuter" implants, various untested large-scale prototypes can still be found lining the walls of the lab he has claimed in a de facto manner, spending most of his time either in there, tinkering with GLoG's electronics and security, or in his quarters, which are fitted in a Spartan manner.

Theres a simple bed, a rather ignorable TV, and a toolcase full of specialised cybernetic tinkering tools for "Self-maintanace", as well as a primitive "Replicator"=like technology which depense energy-rich, bland-tasing gruel upon command. Alex's extensive sy bernetic modifications require a higher input of ATP into his body, for which he uses te aforementioned gruel.
He has, though years of careful experimentation found an exact right mixture where he takes in aboslutely zero excess nutrients, and, as such, does not need to us the bathroom located over to the corner for anything other than a quick Sonic Shower (A real water one being dangerous to his implants).

Being born blind prompted Alex's first implant at the age of sixteen, and his new eyes are still his most striking feature. They were implanted by a shifty and unscrupulous street doc, and this was actually the base from which Alex launnched into his first adventure.

Alex is twenty years old.
The following is a short list of his implants - power and functionality adjusted to "Badass", but modifiable at whimsy of the mysterious force known as "PLOT"

Cybernetic Eyes - Magnifiable vision, Low-Light vision, and a primitive and highly restriced Darkvision. Also part of a system by which his aim is enhanced.
Wired Reflexes - A nigh-complete nervous system rehaul, where a network of wires implanted in his body carries messages to and from his (au natural) Central Nervous System to the various muscles and extermities of his body. His (mildly atrophied) natural nervous system is still in place. This implant was implanted after an unfortunate run-in with a posionous gas the attacks the Peripherary Nervous System.
N-Space Holdsters - Extra-dimensional Stowage space keyed to seperate vaults from his "Protaganist's Retreat", and act basically as technological Bags of Holding, stowing his weapons and ammunition.
Cybernetic aim - Working with an inplant in his hand, tiny motors in his arm, and Alex's eyes, a system which activates whenever Alex grips one of his personal firearms, and uses a computerised algorythym to enhance his target-shooting skills. When wielding one of his own guns, Alex is an expert marksman, limited only by the imagination and his firearms' technical limits.

Alex stands at five feet, eleven inches, and is a caucasion human male. His usal garb consists of a black gi-like outfit, bound with a black sash. He his long and thin all thoughout, resulting in pointed features. The "output" of his N-spaers are visible on each forearm and his eyes are featureless metal orbs, lined with a light blue glow, which also surrounds his nearby optical veins and arteries. He usually wears a black cowl in public to conceal his face. As areult, his short brown hair is an unruly mess that looks like it has never even heard of the threat of a comb.

Alexander is twenty-three years old.

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