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Welcome to the Good League of Good! We are an online roleplaying group from Giant in the Playground forums, located specifically in the Freeform Roleplaying section. Our members (players, in order of their first character to join) are:

Inactive status as of 8Feb09 is based on not having posted in the previous two GLoG threads. Membership is reactivated by posting. Easy peasy. This list will be updated at the beginning of every new thread.

Editing and Creating Pages

Editing is open to all.

If you are a member, to edit pages, simply click on edit button at the bottom right of the page. This will open an editor with various options. When you are done editing, press 'save' towards the bottom. For more information on editing pages, see's documentation pages to learn more.

To create a new page, find the 'new page' button on the sidebar, type a name for the new page you want to create in the box to the immediate left of it, and then click 'new page'. Once you finish writing up the page you want, press 'save' towards the bottom. Please only add pages pertaining to GLoG.

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